A2L Refrigerants: Advancing Refrigeration Technology Towards Sustainability

15 September 2023

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront of technological innovation, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry is undergoing a transformation to address climate change. A2L refrigerants, short for “Lower Toxicity, Lower Flammability” refrigerants, have emerged as a promising solution in this endeavor. These refrigerants strike a balance between efficiency, safety, and environmental impact, positioning themselves as a vital component of the transition towards sustainable cooling systems.

While A2L refrigerants have lower flammability compared to some alternative refrigerants, they are still considered ‘mildly flammable’ and require careful engineering and consideration of safety measures during installation and maintenance.

The adoption of A2L refrigerants however is hindered by regulatory concerns which revolve around the classification of mildly flammable refrigerants and the need for revised safety standards.

Whilst we wait in hope that regulations will evolve to make the use of these refrigerants more mainstream, time is running out for today’s popular refrigerant choices.

Ultra are currently working hard to design and build our equipment ‘A2L ready’ in order to future-proof our products.  Our customers can be assured their investments will be secure and not become obsolete should traditional refrigerants soon become unavailable.

Call us now and talk to us about our future-proof A2L ready products.

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