Ultra Refrigeration has launched CO2 refrigeration packs for full store HVACR. The system has a return on investment (ROI) of 2 years.


The CO2 refrigeration pack has full heat recovery aimed at meeting the total comfort heating and air conditioning requirements of convenience stores. The Integrated Power Pack (IPP) has been installed in 4 convenience stores in Lincolnshire as part of the retailer’s efficiency drive and carbon reduction programme.

"We have worked with Ultra Refrigeration for many years. Their high quality approach and top-notch engineering skills enable them to produce outstanding solutions for their clients, built on proven components such as BITZER compressors. The company are not afraid to challenge accepted ways of doing things, and come up with fresh approaches that break ground both for their customers and the industry."
Kevin Glass, MD Bitzer UK and Past President of the I.O.R. 2018-2020


The system captures heat from the high-temperature discharge side of the pack by passing hot gas through a compact contraflow heat exchanger, transferring the heat to a water based heating system. Hydronic fan coils provide comfort heating and cooling for the store and adjoining warehouse facilities.

Hot water is also used to supply the over-door air curtain on the store’s main entrance, which operates constantly saving up to 14kW of electrical energy when compared to a conventional solution.

The IPP system utilises Bitzer’s Ecoline reciprocating compressors designed to deliver 90kW of heating and 40kW of comfort cooling.

The heating and cooling is delivered via low-pressure pipe work avoiding any risks associated in store high pressure systems.

The store are served by packs which typically have around 22kW of HT refrigerated cases and 6kW of LT cases. If the pack’s current cooling requirement is not sufficient to provide the minimum design load to heat the store, a force load evaporator is brought into circuit to generate the waste heat required – achieving the required operating conditions more efficiently than would be the case with conventional air source heat pumps due to the design and construction of the gas cooler and evaporator.


Test Period 17/01/2022 to 21/01/2022. Data taken from on site DataManager

  • Average Refrigeration System Power whilst in heating is 11.9kW
  • System COP 9.41 in heating
  • Average Refrigeration System Power in night time set-back 1.99kW
  • Average Refrigeration System Power for sample period 9.41kW
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