Our team of engineers cover the whole of the UK and are regionally based serving our clients and ensure that any issues are dealt with quickly and on time to an agreed plan. 

Our spacious build and warehousing facility is located in the East Midlands close to Sheffield with easy access to the UK motorway network. We offer Service Centre response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.

Our Service Centre covers:

  • Dedicated call management teams.
  • A bureau offering remote monitoring of refrigeration, and mechanical and electrical assets across the UK.
  • Remote with on-site engineering support.
  • In-house technical experts providing remote support to our field teams.
  • Managed service levels, ensuring client calls are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • On call support teams available 24/7, ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.
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Right Engineer, first time...

Our National Service Centre uses the latest monitoring technology, allowing us to manage and deploy our field teams in a live environment, driving our ethos of 'right engineer, first time'.

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At Ultra our team are dedicated to responding to breakdowns by phone, email, or via our 24 hour call centre where our trained team will talk over the issues with you, log your call and we will respond in a very helpful and professional way.  The Ultra team of engineers are on hand to support you with technical help and will offer to carry out a call out and or site repair if needed. Our field of engineers carry a large range of parts and as we have close and trusted relationships with our suppliers we can obtain parts very quickly.  We strive for excellence in our breakdown service and cover most of the UK and believe our approach is what ensures our clients and customers rely on us from design and installation right through to maintenance and continued support. 

We do always advise routine maintenance calls so we can keep your business continuity going 24 hours a day. The use of early warning technical outputs helps to reduce any downtime.  We treat all our customers with the same care and attention no matter the size of the business.  The ethos of wanting to keep your business running is what drives us to be smart about temperature control in any situation and at any temperature as we build solutions to last and which have little requirement for breakdown or costly maintenance calls outs.  

We always offer a range of maintenance call out options to suit your individual business needs.  With some of our bespoke solutions like iAir little repair and maintenance is needed.  Our maintenance agreements are based on 3 main levels which are based on compliance with current legislation set down by the Health and Safety Executive, the Department of Industry, and the Environment Agency.  

For more information regarding legislation visit:  www.hse.gov.uk wwwdtiu.gov.uk and www.environment-agency.gov.uk 


Where possible and through considered design we build solutions for the future where we can build in preventative measures and technologies to ensure breakdowns are minimal and where we can dial in to monitor units and monitor technologies.  This way of partnership working helps all our customers and makes us as a business that’s smart with temperature control at any temperature across complex setting within sectors like the food and retail businesses in the UK.  

We intend to pioneer future proofing with temperature control going forward in working with partners.  



Our manufacturing business is close to the City of Sheffield – Ultra is well positioned to employ skilled and experience labour in the area including young engineers who are wanting to develop their career in design, engineering, servicing and manufacturing.


Our Design team is headed up by Steve Shipp – Ultra’s Managing Director, who is supported by a team of designers and engineers that all work together in designing bespoke solutions for a range of clients. Solutions can be simple and very complex in difficult business settings and locations.

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