The team at Ultra Refrigeration is headed up by Anthony Lomas and Steve Shipp. Both directors are passionate about the people in the organisation. With a talented team onboard, innovation is at the heart of the business. The team collaborate, are inspired by solving problems and rewarded in designing and developing solutions for a changing world.

The right blend of talent, expertise and skills is used in a very forward-thinking approach. Diversity combined with the right people to do the right job is part of the growing business.

One of our personal aims is to encourage more young women into engineering in order to continue to expand the diversity within the company. We love what we do, and we enjoy a challenging approach to our team development plans. Our staff are encouraged both professionally and personally to grow within themselves and we shall continue to champion this approach.

We are looking to partner with local educational establishments so that we can provide an environment for young people to develop their craft and their skills in a practical and innovative environment, built upon our core values and core objectives of innovation and transformational change to be 'energy smart at any temperature'.

Steve Shipp commented "Everyone in our business is important from the engineers, to the admin staff, to the designers, to the delivery team."

Anthony Lomas commented "We support our team as we understand their needs and we develop their skills and understanding of our subject area."

The definition of staff – a group of people who work for an organisation, often for a special purpose or who work for a manager.  

We do this with passion, a sense of fulfilment and are all very motivated in solving problems and realising our true business potential which can only be reached with a happy and motivated workforce.

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Steve Shipp – Managing Director

Steve Shipp is the strategic Managing Director for Ultra Refrigeration with many years experience working in a senior technical role. Steve set up Ultra Refrigeration with Anthony Lomas delivering complex solutions for the retail and food sector. Steve is a problem-solver with an innovative approach and enjoys a complex challenge. He is a radical thinker pushing the boundaries of technology with motivation and drive to sustain and grow the business, this is what drives his ambitions.

Steve loves to skydive, run and travel. Steve also practices and teaches martial arts in the UK and overseas.


Anthony Lomas – Operations Director

Anthony runs the operational side of the business. As an experienced engineer and with strong interests and abilities in technology, he works with Steve and oversees the operational teams; engineering, system controls, maintenance and administration ensuring the elements of the business plan are delivered effectively. Anthony has a strong attention to detail and manages major client accounts ensuring all requirements are delivered. he manages a team bringing in young engineers, ensuring training needs are met and personal and professional development is key to the success of the business.

Anthony is an accomplished musician who regularly performs in the UK and overseas.

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