Our business is headed up by Steve Shipp who values his people and believes that being honest and open with a straight-talking approach is what makes Ultra different.  The ethos of the business is about providing the right solution for customers by listening, by understanding and by delivering bespoke solutions which consider KPI’s that clients really need around climate change and that produce energy saving results, helping them be energy smart at any temperature.  We run the business around 8 core values to achieve our KPI’s. - commented Steve Shipp, Managing Director. 

The words that we like to use that define our values are: 

Ambition, Compassion, Resilience, Respect, Loyalty, Passion, Visionary leadership, Integrity with a strong team spirit.  These words are blended into our beliefs around diversity and having a place of work where ‘everyone’ can be respected and supported for their own personal values too.  If we can achieve the best from our people then we are happy as a management team as our people are our business.  

We strive for excellent customer service from design and concept right through to installation and commissioning of units. Our field engineers work hard to ensure the message of solid customer service is continued long after solutions have been installed. “We work with a hands-on approach which is relationship driven.” commented Anthony Lomas, Operations Director.

Sustainability has always and will continue to be at the heart of our company ethos which is why we shall continue to invest in our staff and in young engineers. As a business, the directors put everything into relationship building with both ‘clients’ and ‘with staff’

"We shall be the best that we can be to future proof our business and sustain what we value which is our people and our very strong ethos to drive for innovation is what motivates us all." commented Steve Shipp, Managing Director.


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