• The coldest air is delivered to more product simultaneously giving up to a 50% reduction in pallet blast freezing times
  • Efficient and effective defrost system
  • More than 4 times the heat available for tempering than previous systems
  • Advanced software provides self-diagnostics and improved “up time”
  • Variable speed driven compressor improves energy efficiency and system performance
  • EC fan motors improves energy efficiency and allow more intelligent control strategies
  • More easily maintained
  • Uses R449A low GWP A1 refrigerant
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Bluecube Portable Cold Stores Limited looked to Ultra Refrigeration Limited to come up with a design for their range of portable pallet blast freezers in 2019. They wanted a solution that was affordable, energy efficient and easier to maintain.

At Ultra we took their brief and decided that we would give them a product that would be market leading.

The investment in R&D for this product is the highest we have ever committed to.

The product redesign incorporated the following

  • Evaporator design
  • Condenser design
  • Compressor speed control
  • Evaporator fan speed control
  • Condenser fan speed control
  • Electronic stepper expansion valves
  • Oil cooler design and control
  • Defrost system
  • Tempering system
  • Air flow distribution
  • Control strategy
  • Intelligent programmes

Lisa Rowbotham said about the Ultra Refrigeration Hybrid Air Blast Freezers “They are game changers!”

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