Quick Tips for Refrigeration This summer

June 26, 2024

As summer temperatures are finally with us, ensuring your commercial refrigeration systems run efficiently becomes more critical than ever. We understand the challenges that warm weather brings and are here to help you maintain optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns and stock losses. Breakdowns are an unwelcome but accepted a part of the day-to-day running larger refrigeration systems, especially when […]

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The Science Behind Blast Freezing and Blast Chilling

June 11, 2024

The rapid cooling of fresh and cooked food products to a frozen or chilled state is an essential process in the food chain, enabling food to be stored, distributed and consumed safely. Steve Shipp, Managing Director of Ultra Refrigeration, looks at the science behind this process and explores ways in which innovations can lead to operational benefits for food producers. […]

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Transforming Cold Storage with i-Air

May 29, 2024

In the fast-paced world of logistics, maintaining optimal storage conditions is critical. Ultra has risen to the challenge, leveraging innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency and reliability of large cold storage facilities for a major logistics company. The Challenge Logistics companies handle vast amounts of perishable goods, requiring precise temperature control to ensure product quality and safety. Any deviation in […]

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Data-Driven AI for Enhanced System Reliability

May 29, 2024

The term ‘AI’, for many, conjures up a scary image of computers taking over the world, whilst for others it is one of the most exciting areas of technological advancement. But what can it do for our refrigerations systems? Firstly, AI is not new technology, in fact the journey began with the pioneering work of Alan Turing, a British mathematician […]

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Ant goes shopping!

Ant Goes Shopping!

May 20, 2024

If, like Ant Lomas, you find supermarket trips chilly, you’re not alone. On a recent shopping trip, he noticed the cold air in the refrigerated aisles, leading him to question why the energy waste was so high. Despite shoppers shivering in the cold aisles, the supermarkets are often running refrigeration units at lower-than-necessary temperatures, contributing to wasted energy. Ultra’s Operations […]

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Energy Savings in Commercial Refrigeration

April 27, 2024

Operations Director, Ant Lomas discusses his recent shopping trip! “If, like me, you find a trip to the local supermarket not a particularly pleasurable experience but your ‘better half’ insists that you go along, it is likely you’ll probably notice them shivering as they enter the chilly aisles by the refrigerated display cases. On a recent occasion, this was particularly […]

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Trends in commercial refrigeration

April 27, 2024

The UK’s commercial refrigeration market (the ‘Cold Chain’) is estimated to be worth over £8.5 billion, growing to around £12.5 billion by 2028(Source: Cold Chain Federation – Feb 2024). Achieving this potential growth, and driving it towards the UK’s Net Zero targets, will rely on close collaboration between the industry’s innovators, end-users and legislators. Steve Shipp, Managing Director of Ultra Refrigeration, looks at some of the trends in commercial refrigeration that […]

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Innovative refrigeration and heating contributes significantly to business success

April 8, 2024

Award-winning independent retailer David Knight of Knight’s Budgens in West Sussex has pioneered the use of innovative refrigeration and heating systems in his stores, and believes these have contributed significantly to business success over 15 years. Here, we explore how these systems are central David’s retail model. Background Four separate Ultra Refrigeration concepts underpin the systems. First, Ultra’s iAir eliminates […]

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Cooling Assurance

The importance of preventative maintenance for commercial refrigeration systems

March 5, 2024

Ultra Refrigeration’s Steve Shipp and Anthony Lomas explain the importance of regular, planned, preventative maintenance and look at the benefits it brings to end-users and operators of commercial refrigeration systems. Benefits of preventative maintenance For owners and operators of commercial refrigeration systems, which may have an expected operational lifetime well in excess of twenty years, the benefits of regular, planned, […]

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Ultra Refrigeration Celebrates Two Decades of Cool Success

March 4, 2024

March 1st marked a significant milestone in the journey of Ultra, as the company celebrated its 20th anniversary. This special occasion brought together the heart and soul of the business – its dedicated staff, loyal customers, and valued suppliers for an unforgettable evening of celebration at the Genting Casino in Sheffield. Under the shimmering lights and amidst the sophisticated ambiance […]

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