Ant Goes Shopping!

20 May 2024

If, like Ant Lomas, you find supermarket trips chilly, you’re not alone. On a recent shopping trip, he noticed the cold air in the refrigerated aisles, leading him to question why the energy waste was so high.

Despite shoppers shivering in the cold aisles, the supermarkets are often running refrigeration units at lower-than-necessary temperatures, contributing to wasted energy.

Ultra’s Operations Director, Ant Lomas, shares an example from Ed Vann, the proactive operator of Budgens Peterborough, who improved his store’s energy efficiency by asking Ultra to recalibrate set points and make targeted adjustments to the refrigeration system.

Like all retail stores, over time, stock has been moved from shelf to shelf in a number of merchandising and marketing strategies, however the refrigerated display case settings have not been adjusted to suit.  These simple adjustments led to a 7% reduction in energy consumption.

Recommissioning involves adjusting temperature and pressure settings to optimise performance while minimising energy usage.

For Ed, this proactive approach translated into tangible benefits for his business without compromising the integrity of the refrigeration systems.

With over 12,000 supermarkets in the UK, there’s a high chance that every one of them could benefit from similar energy-saving strategies. Ultra can work with retailers to ensure the best results in temperature, efficiency, and practicality.

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