BESA Urges Government for Measured Approach to Refrigerant Transition

23 May 2023

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) has called for calm in the face of growing concern over the use of F-gas refrigerants – reports ACR News. The association has expressed concerns about the recent “F-gas furore”.

F-gases, commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, have been linked to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. As a result, the European Union has implemented a phase-down of the use of F-gases, with a view to completely phasing them out by 2030.

However, recent media reports have suggested that the phase-down is leading to shortages of F-gas refrigerants, which in turn is causing significant problems for businesses and consumers who rely on these systems. The reports have also raised concerns about the safety of alternative refrigerants, which have been touted as potential replacements for F-gases.

BESA’s call for calm has been welcomed by many in the industry, who believe that the media coverage of the issue has been sensationalized and alarmist. As the phase-down continues, it is likely that the debate around F-gases and their alternatives will continue, but BESA’s message is clear: we should not panic, but instead work together to find safe and sustainable solutions for the future.

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