Freezing the costs

11 January 2023

Ultra have always been at the forefront of energy efficiency, and that couldn’t be more important in 2023. Our super efficient refrigeration equipment will save running costs when it comes to cooling but much more can be done when we take a holistic approach to energy.

Monitoring where energy is being used is the first step in being able to control energy use. With our range of energy meters, separate circuits can be monitored so that energy spend can be tracked to what equipment is drawing power and when.

The next step is what to do with that information. Our intelligent software can warn if power demand increases so that something can be done about it ahead of receiving a hefty bill. Connection to other devices, such as a security system, can allow the software to make decisions based on if the building is occupied or not, turning off heating and non-essential devices when not needed.

Our control systems will work locally, so everything still works when the internet goes down and there is no monthly subscription.

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