Pushing Boundaries in Precision Engineering for Astrophysics

29 December 2023

Ultra recently supplied The University of Hertfordshire with a cutting-edge solution to assist their astrophysics research by designing and building a specialised stasis cabinet to house a ring laser gyroscope—a device vital for advancing survey astronomy accuracy.

Ultra’s team of engineers meticulously crafted the Stasis Cabinet, prioritising temperature stability. Integrated thermoelectric elements ensured a remarkable ±0.04 degrees Celsius precision, well surpassing the client’s expectations.

Constructed with premium-grade stainless steel, the cabinet shields against external electromagnetic interference, and guarantees a clean and robust finish.

Advanced thermoelectric technology facilitated reliable temperature control. In testing, the cabinet maintained an unparalleled precision of ±0.04ºC. This breakthrough empowers University of Hertfordshire researchers to gather more reliable data for their studies of the universe.

This success underscores Ultra’s commitment to precision engineering and innovation.

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