Quick Tips for Refrigeration This summer

26 June 2024

As summer temperatures are finally with us, ensuring your commercial refrigeration systems run efficiently becomes more critical than ever. We understand the challenges that warm weather brings and are here to help you maintain optimal performance and prevent costly breakdowns and stock losses.

An image showing a technician checking refrigerant levels in a commercial refrigeration system. The technician is using professional tools and wearing safety gear. The background shows the interior components of the refrigeration unit.

Breakdowns are an unwelcome but accepted a part of the day-to-day running larger refrigeration systems, especially when the warm summer temperatures puts the strain on equipment and on our engineering team! But our top tips might just help to keep things running:

  1. Clean The Condenser: Clean the condenser coils and filters, which are prone to dirt and debris buildup. Especially during the summer, dirty condensers are the root cause of mosts call-outs; and regular good and careful cleaning might just save the day.
  2. Regular Maintenance Checks: Schedule routine inspections to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
  3. Optimise Airflow: Ensure there is adequate space around your refrigeration units for proper air circulation. Blocked airflow can cause the system to overheat and work harder, leading to increased energy costs and potential equipment failure. Keep the area around the condenser unit clear of obstructions.
  4. Inspect Door Seals and Gaskets: Warm weather can exacerbate issues with door seals and gaskets. Inspect them for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them if necessary. A tight seal prevents warm air from entering the refrigerated space, maintaining efficiency.
  5. Clean Air Filters: Ensure all air filters are kept clean and that ventilation systems and air conditioning are working correctly. Integral units often depend upon other building systems such as air conditioning and ventilation to function correctly.
  6. Turn Off Non-Essential systems: By turning off non-essential systems during the hottest periods, the workload for the refrigeration system is reduced, helping to keep the essential systems running. Turning off any non-essential integral fridges helps to keep the heat down that is rejected into the building.
  7. Monitor Refrigerant Levels: Ensure your refrigeration system has the correct refrigerant charge. Low refrigerant levels can lead to inefficiency and potential damage. Have a qualified technician check and adjust refrigerant levels as needed.
  8. Use Night Covers: For open display units, use night covers or night blinds to conserve energy during non-business hours. This simple step can significantly reduce the workload on your refrigeration system and save on energy costs.
  9. Implement a Preventative Maintenance Plan: Work with us to create a preventative maintenance plan tailored to your needs. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensure it operates efficiently, even in the warmest weather.
  10. Educate Your Staff: Train your staff on best practices for using and maintaining refrigeration equipment. Simple actions like closing doors quickly and not overloading shelves can make a big difference in performance.
  11. Remote Monitoring: Consider installing remote monitoring, or expanding the system you have. Often faults such as motor or compressor trips occur before the hot weather comes along but these go unannounced and unnoticed until the summer comes along. Investment in a monitoring system can alert to these issues so they can be dealt with in ample time before the hot weather comes along.

By following these tips, you can ensure your commercial refrigeration systems continue to operate smoothly and efficiently throughout the summer. If you need assistance or would like to schedule a maintenance visit, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer!

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