Seamless Integration of Custom Software and Bespoke Hardware in Refrigeration Systems

17 August 2023

As Ultra continues to push the boundaries of integration between hardware and software, clients can expect even greater control, efficiency, and adaptability in their refrigeration systems. By marrying the best of both worlds, Ultra are forging ahead, redefining what is possible in the refrigeration industry.

Where many of our industry counterparts will use off-the-shelf control systems, Ultra realise that by developing software that aligns seamlessly with the hardware’s capabilities, a synchronised system that delivers superior performance and functionality can be achieved.

Recognising the diverse needs of our clients, Ultra has long been dedicated to providing customised refrigeration systems. However, we didn’t stop at hardware. True optimisation lies in the harmonious integration of bespoke hardware with tailored software solutions.

“The integration of custom software is a game-changer for us and our clients”, says Anthony Lomas, Operations Director at Ultra Refrigeration Ltd. “We strive to provide holistic solutions that maximize performance, energy efficiency, and user control. By combining bespoke hardware with tailored software, we ensure that our refrigeration systems are perfectly attuned to our clients’ unique needs.”

About Ultra Refrigeration Ltd:

Ultra are a leading provider of innovative refrigeration and climate control solutions. With expertise in customised solutions, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we deliver high-quality systems that meet the unique requirements of their clients.

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