Ways to save

19 January 2023

Control is key. Reliable and powerful automations can helps to keep the running costs down, and innovative system designs eke out every penny spent on energy. A new installation with these features will save the most, however many of our innovations can be retrofitted to your existing plant.

  • Turn off non-essential refrigeration, such as soft drinks and chilled beers and wines when not needed
  • Use heat recovery
  • Floating pressure targets optimise the system to suit the conditions
  • Use variable speed drives for compressors
  • Upgrade to EC fan motors
  • Fit doors to display cases
  • Fit LED lighting in display refrigeration
  • Regular maintenance is essential
  • Upgrade control systems
  • Fit door alarms to coldrooms and cabinets
  • Consider i-Air, our award winning refrigeration design that puts winter to work

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